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Engraved Patio Pavers

Hot Dog Heaven is excited to announce a fundraiser to benefit Amherst Students.

Be part of Hot Dog Heaven history and have your very own engraved paver at the steps of Hot Dog Heaven.

We are rebuilding

Hot Dog Heaven is a place where memories were made, first jobs were had, and families come together…

A Fire Broke OUt...

As many of you have heard, a fire broke out at Hot Dog Heaven in Amherst. Hot Dog Heaven is so much more than a little restaurant started 44 years ago by Jack O’Flanagan and Wally Armour. Over the last 44 years, Hot Dog Heaven has become ingrained in the very fabric of what makes Amherst the hometown that it is. Amherst may be known as the Sandstone Capital, but Hot Dog Heaven is an icon that people from all around are familiar with. This fact was made abundantly clear to me last night while talking with my neighbors, employees both past and present, as well as friends, family, and the overwhelming response from social media.

The stories were the same… Hot Dog Heaven is a place where memories were made, first jobs were had, and families come together.

To answer the many questions, YES, we will rebuild Hot Dog Heaven! We will do our best to keep the nostalgic feel that everyone remembers and grew up with over the last 44 years. Rest assured, Santa Claus is safe and will make his appearance this holiday season.

I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support during this sad and unfortunate time. We will unite together to rebuild and the tradition will live on with Hot Dog Heaven.

Chris Russo

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Our Food Truck

Hot Dog Heaven food truck will be open in the Hastee Tastee Parking lot from 11am-7pm Friday-Monday (weather permitting)

We will be operating on a smaller level so not all items will be available. We will offer the following items at Regular Menu Price.

Hot Dogs, Beef Dogs, Jumbo Dogs, Keilbasa, Burgers, Corn Dogs, Chicken Tenders,

Snack Packs, Partner Packs Six Packs and Family Packs, and all sizes of Fries. Most toppings will be available.

Please note that we can not accept gift cards or coupons at this time.